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Paid surveys like Surveyrewardz might look like a scam. However, if you’re not doing well, the chances are you’re not doing it the right way. Nowadays, survey sites aren’t just limited to surveys and on top of that, you can join as many as you like. Maximizing your earnings have never been easier.

Here are six tips you can apply to yourself to earn $1,000 by answering paid surveys. 

1) Research Every Paid Survey Provider

Paid surveys are not monopolised by a single entity, which is why researching the best one in your region is the safest and surest way you can earn the best money for the allotted time you give. You can do this by registering to all imaginable paid survey providers available. Then, you should read their terms and conditions to know and understand their rules. 

Additionally, reviews online posted on social media or review sites are excellent resources to determine their worthiness from past users.

2) Choose Sites that Reward Immediately

Some survey sites can be tricky to work with as they set up high minimums to entice their customers to answer more questions. However, that might be a substantial deterring factor if the person is not interested in answering more surveys. The reason could range from a lack of survey abundance for their demographics, or it is not worth it. Regardless of the reason, if people decide not to push through and they haven’t reached the minimum amount required for a payout, they couldn’t withdraw what they’ve earned so far. That’s why it is best to choose the ones that allow you to get your reward immediately.

3) Create Multiple Accounts

No, I don’t mean create fake accounts on the one site. After singling out a few of the best sounding sites (I recommend PrizeRebel, Octopus Group and PureProfile), sign up to not only the best, but at least your second and third choice.

It may take a little longer to set up, but once that’s out of the way, if you don’t like the surveys being offered on one site, you can move to the next. The fact is, they can’t always provide you with equally paying surveys, so being able to bounce around is essential.

4) Register with a Dedicated Email Address   

The worst thing that neophyte survey takers can do is to register to paid survey sites using their regular email address. You can do that, but it will only flood your inbox with massive promotions and deals. If you’re worried that you can’t withdraw money since it’s not the same address with your PayPal, you have nothing to worry about because that is not an issue. Most sites give you the option to register different emails for your log-in and a separate email for PayPal withdrawal. 

5) Include Their Email to Your Contact List

Most mail platforms recognise emails sent by paid surveys as spam. If you want to receive updates on available surveys, it is best to add their email to our contact list. In doing so, you always see them in your inbox folder, and you won’t miss an answerable survey ever again.

6) Answer Preliminary Survey Truthfully

All paid survey surveys, including Surveyrewardz, require new users to answer an initial questionnaire that categorises them into different demographics. After filling the survey, the site will use the given information to customise the surveys given to you. With this process, you can only access surveys that are relevant to your age, race, lifestyle, income, and other information. That will give them a more accurate overview of the survey demographic and answers to their questions.

7) Fill High-Paying Surveys Immediately

Paid surveys are only available for a limited time or until they have reached the target number of answers. With that said, you should immediately answer surveys that are made available to you, especially high-paying ones, as soon as you see them.

You should realistically only be aiming to fill out surveys that are paying at a rate higher than $8 an hour. If you can’t see any on the site you’re on, move on to the next site.


Earning a side income online is possible by answering paid surveys like PrizeRebel. It is possible to hit $1,000 in a single month if you put some elbow grease in it. The chances increase too when you perform all six of the mentioned tips above. 

We help educate people about various ways of earning money online, such as affiliate marketing and micro-investing. Connect with us to learn more ideas about how you can have extra income online. 

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