6 Free Apps That Will Earn You Cryptocurrency From Your Phone In 2020

Earning cryptocurrency on your phone seems like it shouldn’t be a thing. Like seriously, how could someone possibly benefit from giving you free cryptocurrency? As it turns out, quite easily. These 6 apps can be used by absolutely anyone and while they won’t make you rich, jumping on board while they’re still young could one day have you sitting on a gold mine. Lets get into it.

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Stormplay Review 2020 – Make Money Playing Games

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Stormplay website
Stormplay Website

Stormplay is an app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for completing offers. The app rewards you with ‘bolts’, which can in turn be cashed out for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm after the minimum cash out amount is reached. Stormplay is no new app, founded in 2013 and previously known as Bitmaker, the history of the app along with the 4.3 star google play rating makes it one of the few apps in this category I trust. Plus, Stormplay for IOS is now available as well as the original Stormplay for Android (I’ll show you how to get it on PC later in the article).

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Phoneum Review 2020 – Is It a Scam?

Phoneum is a cryptocurrency mining app available to both IOS and Android users. Born in early 2018, the developers noticed only a few apps claimed to be able to mine cryptocurrency on a mobile and joined the race. In this case, the app mines its own crypto called ‘Phoneum’ or PHM for short. The app … Read more Phoneum Review 2020 – Is It a Scam?

Electroneum Review 2020 – Crypto Mining App for Cash

Electroneum login
Electroneum website login page

Electroneum is a mobile based app and cryptocurrency available to both Apple and Android users. What sets it apart from other cryptocurrency’s is it is only available to be mined through a mobile only app, no computers allowed and with 3.5 Million users already, this obviously opens up a lot of doors for those of us that can’t fork out $1000’s for crypto mining servers that turn next to no profit.

The soul aim of Electroneum is to completely change the way cryptocurrency is earnt and traded. With this app, any of the 2.2 Billion smartphones around the world are able to earn cryptocurrency that is actually worth something. I absolutely love the idea and execution of Electroneum, it is an essential for any smartphone, find out why below.

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