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Olio Review – How Leftovers Could Save You Cash

Many of us grew up with the phrase “do not waste food!” embedded in our heads. We were told about and reminded of those who did not have any food, to begin with. This was easier when we were younger, as mom or dad did the grocery shopping and management, which meant we just waited for the meals to be cooked and served. 

The problem now is that many of those who are now grown up and start their independent lives are tasked with food shopping and choices. You will definitely see a surge in wasted food, as our grocery trips are usually not well thought out and new items that come in look interesting to try. This makes us buy food we do not need, and often goes to garbage collection as they near expiry dates. 

But what if there was a way to rid ourselves of potentially good food and ingredients before they go bad? With the world hunger problem escalating, it is up to us to find ways to cut down on the 30% of food wasted daily worldwide. 

Instead of throwing things that you do not have intentions of using, why not give it away to someone who may need it? Provided that what you have is still not expired and edible, you may want to consider OLIO.

Introducing Your New Friend: OLIO

If you view the news often and are aware of the political and economic climates of some of the least economically developed countries, you probably see the plight of certain African states. For most of us who live comfortably with at least chances to eat three times a day with access to clean water and facilities, it pays to be more compassionate towards those who lack these. 

If you are looking for ways to chop down on your waste products, it may be time to try OLIO. This mobile app platform works as a barter system for edible goods, wherein you can give and receive food amongst your community members. 

Founders Tessa Cook and Saasha Celestial-One had this wasteful mentality in mind when creating the app while promoting the healthy exchange of food products. 

With the app, retailers and neighbours alike can put out unused goods for anyone to grab or trade for if there is a specific ingredient in mind. This eliminates the thousands of pounds of food waste every day through interactions with fellow citizens to reduce wasted produce. \

What Can I Share on OLIO?

The company has a golden rule when placing items for trading. This rule is asking yourself “am I willing to eat something like this?” If the answer is yes, it is perfectly acceptable to put it out there on the app. Items such as fresh vegetables, dry goods, leftover meals that are still in good shape, or excess produce from your backyard garden are acceptable things to offer. 

What are the Best Times to Use OLIO?

The app can be a helpful tool in many instances. If you are moving houses, you would need a fresh wipe of your fridge and pantry to remove excess weight from the move. It may also prove to be useful for when you have plans to go on a vacation and you know that some items in your fridge may spoil. 

Additionally, massive celebrations often come with a landslide of leftover food, most of which are very tasty, which would be good to give to those who don’t have food for the moment. Lastly, if there are planned power outages in your area, fresh foods will go to waste without a working fridge, so it would be best to rid of them as soon as possible. 


Food waste is a large problem in today’s world. With a significant chunk of the population going hungry each day, it helps that we work together to reduce the amount of tossed out, perfectly good food. 

OLIO provides a new age system for the ancient tradition of bartering. Not only can you get rid of any unused produce you have, but you can also save money through obtaining free ingredients in return for your next dish. 

For money saving techniques and viable affiliate marketing options, we’re here to offer tips towards successful ventures. Start saving money today and discover the world of OLIO’s modern marketplace.

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