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10 Ways To Make Money Fast


Surveys are the quickest and easiest way you can start making money right now. Thousands of companies all around the world need your thoughts to power their decisions and are willing to pay you quite a bit for it.

The best part? You don’t even have to leave home. While it won’t make you rich, you could be earning up to $17 an hour by simply giving your opinions.

There’s a whole lot of other ways to earn with these sites, like entering competitions, watching videos or referring friends. You can cash out within hours of using most these sites too and see the results in your account.

Finding the right site is hard though, so I’ve put together a list of the best sites to do surveys on that actually pay.


Blogging is without a doubt one of the internet’s worst kept secrets and you’d be wrong if you thought I’m going to hide it.

With over a billion blogs on the internet, it’s certainly something that won’t succeed if you don’t put in the time. 

Beyond that though, the sky’s the limit. Some bloggers earn well over $100,000 a month from websites that started from nothing. 

Starting is super easy too. Stay tuned for our full blogging for beginners course coming soon!

Delivering food

We’ve all seen Uber Eats, Deliveroo or some other company providing home delivered meals from your favourite restaurants. But did you know how easy it is to get started and how much you could earn?

While the regulations vary from country to country and state to state, there’s a very good chance you could get started today with just a car or bike and a police check. If you live in a city, your chances of earning big off this is even better. 

These services pay per delivery, usually paying you for picking up the item, how far you travel, then dropping off the item. This will then get paid to you weekly, just as a normal employer would. 

On the topic of payment, some Uber Eats drivers earn $40 an hour in Australia. Signing up takes a matter of days or even hours, making this one of the most lucrative ways to get quick cash

Freelance writing

If you’ve got a skill for writing quality content, or even if you don’t, but do have an above average understanding on any particular topic, freelance writing could be putting money into your pocket. 

How this works, is if a business, website or (most commonly) blog needs an article written but lacks the time or expertise, they’ll pay someone else to do it for them. This happens all the time, I’ve even used it for my website and payment can be quite a bit.

Most people will want to see a proof of your writing ability before hiring you, but all that’s required to start is one sample piece that you could write in 20 minutes. As you progress though, you will find the jobs will start to come to you, some people even make a full time living out of this.

Payment usually happens on a pay per word basis, however by the hour is not unusual either. As an entry level writer, you could expect to make up to $15 per hour, after that, your salary is truly limitless. One blogger claimed to make $100,000 USD in a year from just freelance writing. Not bad if you ask me.

Online tutoring

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that almost anything can be done online. Tutoring is certainly no different, in fact there is a huge market of people willing to pay top dollar for their children to succeed. 

As long as you know the basics of a particular subject, whether that’s basic science or advanced calculus, and are available at set hours each week, you’ve got a job. Hourly rates vary wildly based on your skill level, experience, or if you choose to tutor through a company, but you will rarely be offered less than $10 an hour.

Translate to english

While it may not apply to everyone, there are online services that need people to translate things between different languages that will actually pay you money. Sites like need multilingual people of any background to join and help them solve peoples translating woes.

These sites usually pay on a per word basis, often quite low as well at $0.01 to $0.05 per word. But if you’re fluent in both languages, then it could be pretty easy money for you.

Sell on Etsy

If you didn’t already know, Etsy has become a huge website in recent years for all things creative.

With products for sale ranging from can openers, to t-shirts, to miniature clay sushi roll key rings, there’s a market for literally anything crafty.

Getting started with Etsy is extremely simple, however I would highly recommend putting a lot of thought into your product before you start. While the potential earnings are high, so is the competition.

Sign Up Bonuses

Referring your friends is an excellent way to make money fast.

An Even better idea , and far more lucrative, is referring total strangers. In fact, this has been one of the internets latest trends for bloggers (and influencers), called affiliate marketing.

But if you’re like most and can’t be bothered setting up a website, you can still very easily get people to sign up for things by posting in the right places. The best places to start are Reddit or simply by searching Google for coupon sites that others have beaten you to.


Airtasker is an app available in Australia (and hopefully soon internationally) which allows people to put up odd jobs that need completing by strangers for a reasonable price. You then scroll to find jobs you like and apply for them, then if you’re selected all that’s left is to, well, do the task. Simple right?

The best part is anyone can join and start earning, without any type of qualifications or experience. Most jobs will be online work, so experience with computers will certainly give you an advantage, but theres also plenty of jobs that will be along the lines of, “paint my walls”. 


You may think that Airbnb is a service only set up for people who are willing to put in the hard yards to host guests. Well actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The beauty of Airbnb is it’s entirely up to you how you present your space and host the guests.

Hosting guests through Airbnb doesn’t take an awful lot of room, or an awful lot of money. I personally have stayed in quite a few in the past year and while searching through them, I was surprised at how many people offer a room in their house as a stay. Most of the time, if you’re only renting out a private room or a granny flat, you won’t need more than $100 to get up and running and could be charging more than that a night. 

The other option of course is to rent out your home while you’re on holidays. This may sound stressful and difficult, but many places will have an entirely automatic system, meaning the guest can enter and exit without ever seeing you through systems such as a secure lockbox. All that is necessary is cleaning in between guests, which can be arranged for a fairly small price.

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