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Top 15 Survey Sites That’ll Make You Cash in 2020

Have you ever come up with a side hustle idea that will make heaps of cash? We’ve all had at least one pipedream idea that’s never left the thought stages, but what if I told you that doing surveys could be filling your wallet. Sounds crazy right? To be honest, I didn’t think you could make any decent amount of money doing surveys either, until I found the right ones.

Most sites you come across these days are either a scam, waste of time, or so full of glitches you want to ram your head against a wall. That’s why I wanted to share with you all the sites that I found made me money.

And guess what? You’re in one of the best countries in the world for surveys. Oz has some of the best opportunities on offer and some sites paying up to $17 an hour guaranteed flat rate, you’ll want to be knocking a few of these over.

Remember, just an hour of this a day could land you $5,000 a year.

Which survey sites are legit?

If you’re shopping around for survey sites by yourself, you’ll almost definitely find a scam. In my time of researching for this site, there’s been more times than I can count that I’ve read people have had issues ranging from not receiving payment, all the way to getting calls from the anti-fraud department of their bank.

You have to be careful, stick with bigger companies that are well known. All sites in this list are not scams, I have used them all personally and have cross checked with other users too.

How much can you earn?

The sky’s the limit! Ok but seriously, this question will depend entirely on how much time you’re going to put into surveys. Most sites don’t have a set hourly rate, instead you will receive varying amounts for your time. However, as you will see, some sites pay as high as $17 an hour for their surveys.

Generally speaking though, the higher the payout, the less surveys you will be offered. So, we make multiple accounts. If you only learn one thing from this, you will earn the most amount of money by having accounts on at least 3 different sites and checking to see which will offer you the most every day.

How does it work?

Put simply, a company wants consumer info on their product, so they pay you to give your thoughts. Easy as that.

You and I have an easy job, we just log on to whatever sites we’ve chosen, click on an available survey and start filling out answers. I suggest doing this as truthfully as you can, some sites use software that can somehow figure out if you’re lying by the patterns in your answers and you’ll get sweet nothing.

Most survey sites will actually be 1 step in a 4 step process. Firstly, a company decides they want to do market research, so they contact another company, such as survey monkey, who will make a survey for them based off what they want to know. Survey monkey (or similar) will then distribute it to the survey sites you and I will use and collect payment from.

Octopus Group

Octopus Group Login

Earnings per hour$17.60

Survey availability- limited

Min cash out- $20

Bank transfer- Yes

Join Octopus Group Here Today

Octopus Group is a site started in 2016 whose goal was to redefine the survey process. Well they’ve definitely succeeded. Now with an app too, you can earn an hourly rate of up to $17.60 for filling normal surveys.

Both the website and app have incredibly simple designs, making it easy for any of any age and technical prowess to earn money. The site is about as bare bones as you will get, while it still looks nice and doesn’t glitch out, your only way to earn money here is to fill out surveys or refer your friends.

Octopus is made by Australians, for Australians and only available here, so all surveys will be about things you actually use. That also means you’ll get to see direct results of your influence.

Not only will you get handy payouts for your time, but they’ll also put it straight into your bank account with no fee, or you can get a gift card for 5% off the value for most big Australian and online stores.

While this site does lack the surveys you crave sometimes, it is by far the highest paying of any site I’ve seen and is definitely not a scam. Pair this with something like PureProfile and Survey Village and you’ll be earning big.


PureProfile Login

Earnings per hour- $10

Survey availability- mid range

Min cash out- $20

Bank transfer- Yes

PureProfile is actually the first site that made me fall in love with completing surveys. Their simple design and very easy to complete surveys are only made better by the amount they pay. While they don’t pay as high as Octopus, you can still earn up to $10 an hour quite easily.

Before starting, you will have the option of answering a whole lot of different questionnaires on different topics about yourself. You still get rewarded for this and after you will get screened out of very few surveys. This is also one of the few sites that will actually pay you for getting screened out, even if it is only $0.10. After this, you will get surveys ranging from 5 minutes long to over half an hour, but most will be around the 10-15 minute mark. They also pay on a time spent basis, however the rate slightly increases the longer you spend doing the survey. For example, for a 15 minute survey you might get $2, but for a half an hour survey you could get $5.

The app for PureProfile is fairly new and unfortunately quite glitchy, however if you have a Raiz account, you can have money directly invested into your account while never leaving the Raiz app via the rewards section. To curb spam, the maximum amount you can redeem is $70 in a 2 month period, which can be redeemed for either cash or gift cards.

I actually really like PureProfile, its simple design and flawless functionality (on the website), coupled with a payout rate higher than most, makes it a firm favorite of mine.

Ipsos Myview

Earnings per hour- $10

Survey availability- limited

Min cash out- $5

Bank transfer- No (but they do give out Eftpos gift cards)

Ipsos is a worldwide site that gives you decently high paying surveys regularly. The surveys normally range from 10 minutes to half an hour, and will pay you out on average up to $8 an hour. All the surveys are kept within the app and website too, so no pesky pop up tabs that don’t credit your account.

You will usually get a few surveys a day worth up to 800 points in total (100 points = $1) from this site and app. You’ll also soon find that their surveys are of fairly high quality compared to most, none of that spammy stuff about products you’ve never heard of.

Myview also has polls, which are just random 1 answer questions that you answer for no real reward. Anyone can submit as many polls as they like, so if you want to do your own research, this is an easy free way of getting it done. While you won’t receive points for doing polls, you will go into the monthly draw to win 1x $1000 worth of points and 5x $200 worth of points.

You can redeem your points for a whole host of things from gift cards to charity donations, including some of the biggest retailers in the country. This is one of the only sites that offer physical gift cards, but it will take you up to 6 weeks to get it, or you could just go for the e-gift card that will be there in your inbox in 5 minutes.

Survey Rewardz

Surveyrewardz login

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- moderate

Min cash out- $1

Bank transfer- Yes

Survey Rewardz offer a little different approach to it all again. Here, you can fill out surveys semi-regularly for anywhere between $0.50 and $5 for surveys that will usually take less than half an hour. As you complete them, your answers will effect your quality score, which appears at the top of the page letting you know if they think you’re answers are fraudulent. Too low of a quality score leads to reduced surveys, then none at all.

Some surveys are quite short, I currently have a 3 minute offer for $0.56, making it handy when you’re on the go. Speaking of on the go, Survey Rewardz is available anywhere in the world to people aged 13 and over, so you can get it done if you’re travelling too.

One feature people may like though that I’ve not seen anywhere else, is the ability to receive your rewards via cheque in the mail. This, along with PayPal are the only cash out methods, but that’s not too bad considering the minimum for PayPal is $1 (with a $0.10 fee under $10) and $5 for cheque.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers Login

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $10

Bank transfer- Yes

Toluna are one of the oldest running Australian survey sites. With their parent company dominating market research since 2003, they have grown into one of the biggest survey sites in Australia. But does size translate to quality?

One thing that’s good about Toluna is the shear number of surveys that are available. This is one site that you will never run out of surveys on. Their popularity has attracted some of the biggest survey providers there are to use them regularly for all sorts of products. Not only can you earn through surveys, but also complete polls, sweepstakes, daily bonuses and creating content of your own.

Cashing out comes in the form of PayPal, gift cards and charity donations. I personally use Toluna as my last option for completing surveys; although they don’t provide a set amount for completing surveys, after completing the surveys available on Octopus and PureProfile, I switch over to Toluna because you’ll simply never run out.

Their popularity has meant that the amount you can earn is unfortunately lower than some of the others mentioned earlier, but the size of age of the site also means that you’re in safe hands.


Swagbucks Login

Earnings per hour- up to $15

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $3

Bank transfer- Yes

Swagbucks is probably the biggest survey company in the world right now. With a long history in the game, not only can you earn free cash by completing surveys, but a whole lot of other things too.

These include shopping, watching videos, app offers, playing quizzes, sweepstakes, daily bonuses and even searching the web, just to name a few. With a website and multiple different apps, Swagbucks truly is your one stop shop for earning. Does that mean you’ll be making heaps of cash though?

Swagbucks doesn’t set the amount of how much each survey will pay and different companies have very different amounts. For example, right now I have a 15 minute survey paying 319SB ($3.19 USD), but also a 13 minute survey pay just 39SB ($0.39 USD). Like Toluna though, these surveys are always available, you’ll never reach the end, but you’ll have to be quick to snap up those high paying ones.

The shopback feature gives you up to 15% of your purchase back in the form of SB from a wide range of stores. If you buy stuff online often, or have to for work, you could be making quite a bit of cash off this.


YouGov login

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- average

Min cash out- $25

Bank transfer- Yes

YouGov is another international site that offers you cash for your thoughts. Here, you will receive an amount of surveys that you’ll be able to get through, but usually won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied. They range from 5 to 15 minutes usually and the payout rate isn’t super high by any means, but why I like it is the quality of surveys you receive.

Instead of just being for some random product that will end up on a supermarket shelf, YouGov provide surveys to get your opinion on regular things as well as stuff like government issues and what you think of the way the world is heading.

Although the cash out minimum is fairly high at $25, you will get surveys frequently enough to get to this in a matter of days if you’re actively checking the site. If that’s too much to remember, you can also opt in to email or text notifications when a new survey pops up.

What Do You Think?

What do you think login

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $25

Bank transfer- Yes

WDYT is yet another solely Aussie survey site. With this site, you won’t really run out of surveys and the pay rate isn’t too bad either. In that regard, it’s kind of the best of both worlds. Just for signing up, you receive a 200 point bonus ($2) and completing your profile questions will earn you another 300 points ($3) and get you surveys more tailored to you.

After the sign up bonus, you will find that some surveys pay as low as $0.10, which can be a bit of a concern. But don’t worry, this is another site that doesn’t pay an hourly rate, so if you’re careful about which surveys you select, you could be earning a decently high amount.

You can also make money off referring your friends and family. You will receive 100 points for their first completed survey, then 10 points for every survey after that.

My Opinions

Earnings per hour- $7

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $10

Bank transfer- Yes

My Opinions is another relatively small site, but it has a few different features that I quite like. Despite mixed reviews online, I went and checked it out for myself and found no real issue with it. You get a 100 point bonus for signing up ($1) and can start earning from surveys almost immediately after that.

Surveys are the main way to earn cash on this site, normally paying a minimum of 20 points ($0.20) if you are screened out and a maximum of $4 for a longer survey. The surveys normally aren’t too long and vary about topics. The other way to earn is simply by completing surveys again. Bit weird I know, but every time you complete a survey, you automatically go in a quarterly draw to win $5,000

A feature that I think is actually really cool on this site, is their loyalty status program. This rewards users for continuously completing surveys by offering them up to a 10% bonus on their earnings. Achieving these is quite hard though, but I would expect you could easily reach the lowest reward tier for a 2.5% increase.


prizerebel login

Earnings per hour- $10

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $2

Bank transfer- Yes

Prize Rebel is another global site where surveys are just the start of your ways to earn. Similarly to Swagbucks, you can earn through many different avenues such as surveys, offers, streak rewards, watching videos, promo codes, winning contests, lottery and inviting your friends to name a few.

The surveys here come from a variety of different companies, which you can either select or just take them all without knowing which survey is coming from which company. I’ve found that 2 of the companies seem to pay on average higher than the other options, but this will probably depend on who is offering what at any given time.

The payout rate is fairly average, again you need to weed out the good from the bad payouts, but you could be earning up to $10 AUD an hour if you keep your eyes peeled. Remember, everying here is in USD unless specified. The rewards come in the form of a PayPal transfer, online game credit, or your choice of a wide selection of gift cards for both physical and online stores, starting at as low as $2 for a gift card or $5 (USD) for a PayPal transfer.

You can also earn your way through the ranks with different account levels. This encourages you to use their site more, rewarding you with higher referral rewards, automatic prize processing, bonus points earnt and discounts off prizes. I actually quite like Prize Rebel, I believe it truly gives Swagbucks a run for its money in that area and would be quite useful as an account to have when all other options have been exhausted.


lifepoints login

Earnings per hour- $6

Survey availability- limited

Min cash out- $5

Bank transfer- Yes

Formally known as Global Test Market, LifePoints is a fairly old survey site that you’ve probably come into contact with before without even knowing. LifePoints is actually one of those sites that regularly provides surveys to other survey sites. This in theory should mean that with one less company taking a cut of the money, you make more money, right?

They pay at a fairly average rate and survey availability isn’t too high considering they’re making the surveys. You will receive an email every time one is available, however it’s probably a good idea to check the site as well as they won’t notify you of every one. I tend to get a few opportunities a day to complete surveys, with the usual length averaging around 15 minutes.

The cash out process is quite good however, you can cash out as low as $10 for a range of gift cards, or simply just PayPal.

Give Us Your Two Cents

give us your 2 cents login

Earnings per hour- $0

Survey availability- limited

Min cash out- $0

Bank transfer- Yes

This one works differently from the rest. Owned and operated by Toluna, instead of giving you surveys for a small amount of cash, they ask you questions about your demographic, usually to be used just on Toluna. Then, instead of paying you cash, you get an entry into the sweepstakes draw to win $50,000 USD.

While this does sound easy, their site is annoyingly difficult to navigate from the start. As you type in your details, the box appears to be blank, looking like you’ve not filled out anything at all. If you manage to get through this without losing it though, it is a fairly quick and easy process to get your entry into the draw.


Earnings per hour- $10

Survey availability- average

Min cash out- $6.25

Bank transfer- Yes

MOBROG is an American company with individual websites for over 90 countries, including of course Australia. Using MOBROG can be a little frustrating for us Aussies though, as it can take a bit of trial and error to find surveys that you actually qualify for and won’t just get screened out of immediately.

Once you do find a survey, you should expect to receive between $1 and $5, for a survey between 7 and 30 minutes. The longer the survey is, the higher the hourly rate tends to be. You can then cash this out for both gift cards to major retailers, or PayPal.

  1. Qmee (nothing)
qmee login

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- limited

Min cash out- $1

Bank transfer- Yes

Qmee is both an app and a website that will frequently give you surveys, for a fairly standard amount. Qmee also features a rewards program, but a little different to what we have seen so far. Theirs is more like a streak, after each day of logging on, you will get an ‘Oinq’ (this site is heavily pig themed I don’t know why), then when you get all 5 Oinq’s, you’ll get 10% increased earnings on every survey you complete.

As for the surveys themselves, there is usually enough available for you to not run out. They will pay between $0.30 and $2 and will normally not take any longer than 20 minutes. I have noticed that there are more opportunities on the website than on the app, however you will be able to find at least 3 surveys a day on the app.

The team behind the surveys are always very quick to stop you from taking any surveys that have been reported as being full, misleading or taking too long, so your time is never wasted. They also have a coupon type section, where they partner with online stores to give their community exclusive savings, usually around 10%.

Cashing out is actually really convenient here. You have the choice is multiple different gift cards for both online and physical stores, as well as PayPal or charity donation, both of which have a minimum of $1.

Survey Junkie

Earnings per hour- $8

Survey availability- readily available

Min cash out- $5

Bank transfer- Yes

Survey Junkie is an international site that provides you with a simple and easy to use survey completing site. Of all the easy to use approach sites, I would honestly say this would be the one I would refer to my grandparents. You really can’t go wrong with a site like this; being a big profile like these guys carries a few benefits for you and I such as trust and survey opportunities.

The surveys will usually take between 20 and 30 minutes, however there are some shorter ones in there too. I would suggest avoiding the longer surveys unless they are particularly high paying. Surveys less than 10 minutes can still attract more than 100 points ($1 USD), which you can get less for doing a 30 minute survey.

How To Maximise Your Earnings

You can make the most out of surveys by using a few simple tricks. Firstly, have multiple accounts. You may find different sites work best for you, but for me personally, I use (in this order) Octopus Group, PureProfile then Ipsos Myview. By having multiple accounts, you can skim through your available offers and only select the ones that are worth your time. This may sound time intensive, but it could be the difference between you making $50 a week and $70 a week.

Another very easy trick is to refer as many people as you can. This is a feature of almost every site on this list, as well as most of those that aren’t. Referring friends usually pays anywhere between $0.50 and $20, or as a percentage of your friends earnings, anywhere up to 30%.

Posting in forums about them, answering peoples questions on reddit or simply word of mouth could have you earning heaps. I answered one simple question on Reddit for an investing app called Raiz over a year ago, at the end of my response I dropped my referral code in. Each time that is used, we both get $5 and to this day 128 people have used it. That’s $620 for one simple 4 line response. This can work with any site or app, you just need to be smart about doing it.

How To Succeed With Paid Surveys

This will all come down to you and only you. Sure, the better the sites you choose to start out your survey filling career are, the better chance you have of sticking around. But ultimately, what it comes down to is you. So how do you stay interested in a task that is historically boring.

Firstly, don’t overdo it. This is the biggest mistake people make, myself included. You could earn $50 in a day going from site to site completing their tasks. By the end of that day though, you’d never want to see another survey. Using different sites can help with this a bit, you don’t see exactly the same thing over and over so it’s a little more tolerable.

I also found if I make a loose commitment to doing them at a set time of day, I earn while not getting annoyed. For example, if I wake up before my alarm, I’ll do one then, or just before bed if I’m not too tired, or if I’m catching the train to uni and have nothing to do. See how there’s plenty of time to potentially do them, but I don’t have to do them. This might not work at all for you, but I’ve found it to be the best way to keep myself earning without wanting to ram my head against a wall.

Why you should be making money from surveys

Why not? We’ve all got time in our days to scroll through Facebook or Instagram, so why don’t we have time to do a survey or 2. Even just 15 minutes a day, on the way to work or before you go to bed, could earn you over $1000 in a year.

Most of these sites offer more ways to earn that just surveys too. From shopback to sweepstakes to internet searches and everything in between, lets get into the top 15 survey sites in Australia.

Final thoughts

With how tough it seems to be to save money these days, surveys are the perfect way for you to make a bit of cash on the side. In all honesty, you’d have to be stupid to know about this and not want to cash in on it.

The fact is, there is a lot of money waiting for you to claim in the survey industry and the only person stopping your account from growing is you.

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