SurveyRewardz Review 2020 – Is It A Scam?

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Surveyrewardz home page
Surveyrewardz home page

Do you want to make your spare time work for you? SurveyRewardz, believe it or not, rewards you for taking surveys. Their incredibly simple and easy to use design makes this site usable and loveable for everyone. With payouts as low as $1, you could be transferring to your account today. But is it worth your time? Will other sites pay you more? Find out below.

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Is SurveyRewardz legit

First and foremost, lets verify if they’re going to pay you or if they’re going to steal your details and sell them. Despite mixed reviews online, I can positively say this site is not a scam. I have personally been paid out from them before, which reached my account within a week. Many of the complaints people have online revolve around being locked out of their account and thus leading to them labelling the whole thing a scam.

This is easily preventable and I’m going to go so far as to say it’s their own fault they got locked out. Sure there will be some exceptions to this, but as I will talk about later, the site has a quality score feature that closely monitors the validity of your responses to prevent spam. If this drops too low, you’ll lose your account.

How to earn with SurveyRewardz

This site is as simple as they come. The site acts as somewhat of a scanner for new survey opportunities, from a range of different survey providers. You are then presented with only 1 survey to complete, which once completed, will be replaced with another. This can be really useful, or really annoying.

Surveyrewardz survey page
Surveyrewardz survey page

You see by doing this, they take the guess work out of surveys. What they feature to you will have been tested and will also be personalized to your demographic so you shouldn’t be screened out as much as other sites. The downside to it though, you can get surveys that pay as low as $0.30 for 10 minutes, or ones that pay as high as $4 for 15 minutes of your time.

How much will you make

As mentioned above, there is no set amount you will earn per hour. This is because the surveys aren’t actually provided by SurveyRewardz, they act as a middle man between you and the companies creating them. Each company has a different idea of how much they want to pay you for your time and even within those companies you can see a lot of variation from one offer to the next.

On average, I would say you can earn around $10 AUD on a good day for an hour of filling them out. This is fairly competitive pricing when you look at other sites doing the same thing. While here you will be paid out per survey in a dollar amount and be able to see your total account value at all times, most other sites disguise the fact that you’re earning next to nothing by hiding it as points, or some weird name they’ve assigned to it to tie in with their name. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book you need to be careful of and the fact they don’t do it here, is quite reassuring.  

Cash Out

This is where this site really caught my attention. Another trick that many sites like to use, is setting the minimum payout so high that most users will never cash out the money they’ve earnt. Here, the minimum payout is a measly $1. There’s also no limit on the amount of times you can cash out, so you can start getting that cash straight in your account straight away. There is a fee of $0.10 for amounts under $10.

Surveyrewardz cash out
Cash out

The only other method of payment is a very different one, getting a physical cheque in the mail. This is the only site I have seen ever offer this, but I think it’s a really good idea for people who don’t trust putting any personal details online. The minimum for this is $5.00 with no fee charged by them, however as it will be sent out in USD, some banks may charge for an exchange fee.

Refer your friends for extra cash

As mentioned earlier, referring your friends here can make you a lot of money. Instead of just earning a set amount for each person you refer, you could be making hundreds a year from just dropping a few links to friends or in forums around the web.

How it works, is when the person you refer successfully signs up, you will receive $3 plus 15% of their lifetime earnings, once they complete $3 worth of surveys. If you could successfully get enough people signed up to this, you wouldn’t have to worry about doing the surveys at all.

If you’re looking to sign up, you can use my link here, it’d be greatly appreciated :).

What is the quality score

Your quality score is basically a score out of 100 determined by a few key factors. If this score gets too low, you will be blocked from taking part in future surveys. This feature basically exists to keep the companies doing the market research happy and to block spammers.

The factors that the site looks for are how detailed and thoughtful your responses are, the speed at which you complete surveys and also if there is a pattern in your answers. If you’re doing it all correctly though, you’ll never have anything to worry about.

SurveyRewardz Alternatives

I currently don’t use SurveyRewardz as I find the whole not being able to select your survey thing quite frustrating. Maybe if they paid at an hourly rate I would find it different, but being forced to take surveys that pay pretty poorly isn’t exactly fun. In saying that, this could be perfect for you if you don’t care about that and just want to do it more casually.

I use Octopus Group and PureProfile as my main survey sites currently. With Octopus, you will have limited survey options, but will earn an hourly rate of over $17. Then when I run out of surveys there, I hop over to PureProfile who also pay by the hour, at around $10. I’ve found these work best for me, if you don’t think SurveyRewardz is right for you, why don’t you give them both a go today

You can read my full reviews on Octopus Group here and PureProfile here and find out how you can be making $100’s a week with these 2 sites.

Final Thoughts

SurveyRewardz is a simple and effective site for giving you quick and easy cash for your opinions. This site would suit quite well those who don’t mind too much the fact that payouts can vary, or if you just want a site that will pay out fast.

If you want that too, join here!


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