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Stormplay Review 2020 – Make Money Playing Games

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Stormplay website
Stormplay Website

Stormplay is an app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for completing offers. The app rewards you with ‘bolts’, which can in turn be cashed out for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm after the minimum cash out amount is reached. Stormplay is no new app, founded in 2013 and previously known as Bitmaker, the history of the app along with the 4.3 star google play rating makes it one of the few apps in this category I trust. Plus, Stormplay for IOS is now available as well as the original Stormplay for Android (I’ll show you how to get it on PC later in the article).

Earning ‘Bolts’

Earning Bolts is actually fairly easy, Storm provides a few different ways you can start earning quickly and easily:

App Offers

This is the quickest and most popular way to earn bolts. You can choose from either free or paid app offers, that will look something like what is pictured below. The offers are generally quite time consuming, however I’ve found if you pick a game that is a bit fun, you really forget you’re doing it for money. The different offers also vary quite a bit in difficulty, which is reflected fairly in the reward; in some cases you’re even able to work through multiple reward tiers, which will generally ensure you earn at the very least the lowest tier.

Stormplay app offers
App offers page

Some other offers will require you to make a purchase in app. These will almost always pay out an amount of bolts worth less than half the amount of what they require you to spend in the app. In other words, I’d steer clear of these ones, however there are occasionally some good offers from apps that aren’t games that are worth looking at.


Like many other cash apps, you are able to complete surveys to earn bolts. There are 2 different survey options in Stormplay, you can either go to the surveys tab and complete very short surveys presumedly created by Storm themselves, for 500 bolts each (roughly $0.0025 USD) or you can go to the other tab and find more than 10 different survey sites that will reward you with up to 100,000 bolts upon completion of your first survey with them. 


Probably the easiest way to earn bolts is by simply watching a video every half an hour for 500 bolts. This can be found in the wallet section, and is just a common 30 second ad, which you are not required to interact with.


While its only currently in the beta testing phase, StormShop is going to be the newest product from the Storm team. All that is currently available about the product is that Storm have partnered with 1000’s of online stores and will offer you cash back in the form of crypto upon making a purchase with those stores.

Stormplay shopping

The amount you will make with each app offer varies from 30,000 to up to 1,000,000. Obviously the paid offers are going to be higher than free, however there is still potential to make up to 300,000 off free offers.

Cashing out your bolts

Storm has a minimum withdrawal of 200,000 bolts, which seems quite high. To put that into perspective, it may take you weeks to earn that many bolts depending on what offers you are attempting, and at the end of it all your 200,000 bolts are currently worth about $1 USD.

Stormplay cashout
Cash out

In the past this was almost 3 times as high as it is now, however the ability to give away crypto has become constrained by laws and regulations, and companies just aren’t as interested as they were during the Bitcoin rush in 2018. However, a positive part of the cash out phase is you are given 4 different cash out options

  1. Storm (which I will speak about below)
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Ethereum
  4. Dai

All 4 will give you roughly the same amount of moneys worth at the time of cashing out, however it is entirely up to you if you would rather go with a smaller currency with potential to grow such as Storm or Dai, a safe option like Ethereum, or the widely popular and famously volatile Bitcoin. I personally choose Bitcoin, due to the belief that Bitcoin will surge again in the future.

Cashing out can take up to 2 days to deposit into your crypto wallets (which they can help you set up if you don’t have a pre-existing one), however generally happens a lot faster than that, with most people reporting instantaneous, or within 4 hours.

Storm cryptocurrency

Eager to get into the crypto revolution for themselves, Storm launched their very own cryptocurrency in December 2017. Initially it looked quite hopeful, peaking at $0.21 by early January 2018, however this surge was short lived, with the price plummeting harshly and never recovering, it is now worth only $0.0014. Regardless of this, the Storm app will still pay you out roughly $1 USD of tokens upon cash out, meaning you can still make money of Storm tokens rising again. Personally, I wouldn’t wait around for that though.

How Much Will I Earn Using Storm Play?

How much you will earn off Storm Play is entirely up to how many, and which offers you choose to complete. This app will not get you rich quick by any means, and while I won’t completely count it out, I do believe this app is a bit of a waste of time. The offers take up to weeks to complete yet pay out less than a dollar. However if you are looking to find new games and get rewarded for it, Storm may be one of the few options in that category that isn’t a complete scam, so not all is lost. Regardless, you could still earn a few dollars a month in crypto if you are willing to work for it.


Through reading many other peoples experiences with the app, I noticed a few people saying the same thing, occasionally they would complete an offer and the app wouldn’t pay out. While this is very frustrating, this actually has nothing to do with Storm, in fact it is third party companies who Storm work through in order to provide the offers, not recognizing the offer completion for any one of a number of reasons. It is important to note here that Storm do all they can to prevent this from happening, but it is usually unrelated to them.

Storm Play for PC

As the app is only meant to be used for IOS and Android, there is no app or site to go to on PC that will give you the same experience. However, there are ways around this:

  1. Download Bluestacks from and install
  2. Open Bluestacks and go to the Google Play Store
  3. Search for Storm Play and install
  4. Open up the app and that’s it, you’re ready to go

Final Thoughts

I think Storm Play is one of the best apps in the niche field of earning money (or crypto) off completing tasks on your phone, as it provides multiple different options for you to earn and you probably won’t have all your details stolen while you’re at it. Will I be using it though? Probably not, unfortunately I just don’t see the effectiveness of using this app over other money-making options that are available.

I personally will use Octopus Group if I’m looking to make money in my spare time, but that’s not to say you should never use Storm Play. An app that truly pays you to play games isn’t all that bad.

If you want to download Storm Play and start earning money for playing games, you can do so here!

Plus, use the code UNLW2A0Z to get 6,000 bolts free when you sign up!

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