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Raw & Unfiltered SurveyRewardz Review – What to Know


If you’re looking for a side hustle to earn some extra cash, SurveyRewardz is one site to consider. The site makes people answer surveys and rewards them for completing them. It is critical to note that some people are wary of websites with the same business model since some turn out to be fraudulent. So is SurveyRewardz one of them? Read on to find out.

What Does It Claim to Offer?

SurveyRewardz offers monetary compensation for people who take their surveys. Since there are a lot of other sites with this business model, what makes this site different?

One thing to note about websites that offer paid surveys is that they typically have the most uncomplicated website design and user interface. In essence, the main reason is to cater to a board range of survey takers, including older people who find colourful and moving website elements distracting. However, our reviewed site managed to incorporate modern design to its simplistic user interface successfully.

Another thing that is unique to SurveyRewardz is that it does not bombard its correspondents with numerous surveys at once. Instead, it only shows one survey at a time that refreshes once completed. 

In a way, the artificial intelligence of the site works as a smart scanner that gives you the most appropriate survey that best represents your demographics. In doing so, you no longer have to scroll through a list of surveys to find one that best suits your profile. That saves you time, effort, and patience. 

What Happens When They Pay You?

SurveyRewardz offers its survey correspondents a wide variety of rewards they can choose from their offering. It depends on their preferences, together with their preferred payment method. There are gift cards for physical stores, as well as online gift cards from Amazon or Visa. Some prefer getting paid by check. The choice is ultimately yours.

The best thing about their payout is the low minimum requirements. Some paid survey sites require that you accumulate at least $10 worth of surveys, which is too time-consuming if you don’t want to continue answering surveys. For a minimum of $1, you can immediately withdraw your earnings.

Is Answering Surveys on SurveyRewardz Worth It?

The total amount of money you can earn is dependent on the number of surveys you complete. Additionally, your pre-qualifying questions during sign-up influence the number of surveys available to you. If you’re not a target demographic, you can’t answer them.  

Not all surveys are the same, however, because there is a mixture of low-paying ones and reasonably-paying variants. The best part is that you can decline surveys you do not want to answer or if you think they are not worth the time and effort. However, SurveyRewardz will not be able to give you a stable source of income. It is still an excellent choice to earn extra money with minimal effort, nevertheless. 


SurveyRewardz is a legit survey site and an excellent way to earn some extra money too. However, it can never replace a full-time job, so it is best to continue working on your career also. Aside from being free to join, it has a multitude of surveys available, generous rewards, and low payout minimums. However, the worst part about it is that you might not qualify for some surveys if you do not belong to the favoured demographic. 
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