PureProfile Review 2020 – The Best Australian Survey Site?

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PureProfile login
PureProfile Login

Do you want to earn money from doing surveys but don’t know who to choose? I’ve got your answer. PureProfile is the first survey company I personally fell in love with and to date I’ve not found another website or app that is as satisfying as this one. Find out why I like this site so much, I guarantee you will too.

What is PureProfile

PureProfile is a company who originally conducted surveys via their website to earn you money. Nowadays, you can use your Android, iPhone or P.C. to make money through them. The apps are still relatively new, meaning glitches are still being found and fixed in the system, but the product is ever improving. Around the world, over 1.1 million people have signed up to PureProfile and cashed out more than 1.5 million times. What makes this company so attractive compared to the thousands of others though? Simple, the pay out rate.

PureProfile takes the approach of less is more when taking their cut of the money. By taking as minimal of a cut as possible when a survey is completed, more people start to notice what your brand is. But who cares about how much they make, what this means is you make high amounts compared to the competitors. Better yet, your time won’t be wasted getting screened out of surveys all the time. Thanks to the rigorous questionnaires to set up your account, you never receive a survey you’re not suited to. By the way, PureProfile is one of the only survey companies that actually pays you for completing these questionnaires.

To get started, after going to the PureProfile login page, you will fill out a short questionnaire about yourself which helps them weed out any surveys that will be an issue for you in the future. You will then find yourself at the home page, this is where all surveys will be launched from and you will see a few waiting for you already that are from PureProfile themselves to get to know you better. Once completing these, you will receive targeted surveys that best suit you. That’s it! You’re good to go. If there aren’t any surveys available for you, don’t stress, it’s actually fairly normal and I’ll talk you through it later in this article.

One thing I love about PureProfile, is they never redirect you to a third party website. Despite an annoying amount of tabs being open and always having to close them, it can be a bit dangerous sometimes. Opening a survey in a new tab means that you’re vulnerable to whatever that site wants to do, so we want to avoid that as much as we can.

Who can use PureProfile?

PureProfile is available worldwide to anyone aged 15 years and over. Many survey sites only allow people aged over 18, so this is a big win for those teenagers who want to earn from home. The company has been running in Australia for a number of years now, however has only recently branched out internationally. Naturally, this means there will be less surveys for those that live outside of Australia but as the company grows, so will the amount of surveys available.

For people aged between 15 and 18 who want to use PureProfile, they will be unable to cash out directly for PayPal.

How Much Will I Earn?

PureProfile’s payment system is what sets it apart for me. They offer you better rates than you can find almost anywhere else. The payment is a sort of fixed amount per hour, which is up to $12 AUD an hour. However, the longer surveys will pay out a slightly better rate than the short surveys. PureProfile will determine roughly how long the survey will take you, then display the amount they are willing to pay. The amount is quite often a few dollars and is very rarely below $0.50. On top of this, if you happen to be screened out of a survey, you will still be paid $0.10 for your time, even though you’re normally screened out within the first 30 seconds.

PureProfile Surveys
PureProfile Surveys

Potentially the biggest issue with this platform though, is the availability of surveys. I must note that in the year I’ve been using it, there has been more surveys popping up than before, however there is still a frustrating lack of them sometimes. It is rare to have none at all, but if you get in the mood to sit down and do some, you’re a bit limited to only a couple. There are definitely more available of their website than on the app or through Raiz (which I’ll talk about in a bit), as some survey companies don’t design their surveys to be read by phones.

Cash Out

The cash out process is quite simple, simply go to the rewards tab and all your options will be there. You are given the choice between a bank transfer (through PayPal), gift cards or movie tickets. These will vary slightly based on your location, but anyone can do a bank transfer as long as you are over 18.

The minimum cash out amount for all 3 options is $20, which is a bit frustrating, but you should be able to achieve this within a week of using the app even if you only spend half an hour a day in it. One draw back of the process is how long it takes; you are told that PayPal payments take up to 30 days to transfer. In my experience though, they normally don’t take this long. Gift cards and movie tickets will be sent to your email instantly.

How to Increase Your Earnings

As PureProfile is based off the time spent doing the survey, there is no real way to increase your surveys through how you select the quizzes. The only true way is to do longer quizzes which pay out at a slightly higher rate than the shorter ones, but be careful, if you don’t finish them you will only get $0.10.

The only way to earn anything other than through surveys is to refer a friend. This isn’t quite as straight forward as just sending a link though, there are a few things you must do first in order to access referrals:

  • Have a verified email address.
  • Been a member for more than 2 months.
  • Completed the first activity in your feed (the questionnaires).
  • Started at least one survey within the past 30 days.

This is done to stop bots and people creating fake accounts.

Pure Profile and Raiz Rewards

How I found out about Pure Profile was actually through using the app Raiz. You can find out all about Raiz here, but basically, it’s a microinvesting app that has a shop back type feature with over 100 companies. Once spending with any of the companies, a certain percentage of your purchase is reinvested into your account. However, one of these companies is PureProfile and instead of earning money through spending, you earn money through surveys.

PureProfile in Raiz
Raiz and Pureprofile

The whole process is done within the Raiz app. You will first see a very basic version of what the normal PureProfile layout looks like, with a limited amount of quizzes also. What you see is actually very similar to the mobile app, yet it oddly works better in Raiz.

One annoying thing is the payment time. Whilst in PureProfile the payments through PayPal normally don’t take too long, in Raiz you are told they take up to 30 days and this time they mean it. However, I personally was waiting a full 3 months once for payment to hit my Raiz account. It did all arrive in full and as one big lump sum of all the surveys I’d done in that time, but it certainly was concerning.

Why I like pure profile

I’ve been using PureProfile for nearly a year now, it was actually the first survey site that I began using frequently. What I hate about survey sites is when they’re buggy, or when they don’t pay a set amount every time. PureProfile puts an end to that. The simplicity of this app is what makes it truly great, you get a set amount that you know before starting a survey and the survey will never redirect you to something twice the length. The high payment is also very satisfying, it certainly doesn’t give the impression that you’re doing it for nothing like some other sites. As long as you can wait for the cash out, you will love this site.

Are other websites or apps better?

Honestly, I’ve not come across another site which has left the same impression on me as PureProfile. The one thing that did annoy me though, was the availability of surveys at times. I struggle to commit to really long surveys because I do them on the train or around family, so if you’re like me and can’t do those all the time, do what I did and sign up to a second site/app and reap the benefits of both.

For me, that was Swagbucks. You can read my full review of Swagbucks here, but to summarize, it is both a website and an app that allows you to earn through surveys, app offers, shop back, watching videos and even searching the web like you normally would. The reason it is such a good supplement for PureProfile, is there are always more surveys than you could ever know what to do with. This is because Swagbucks have been around for a real long time, which also means that they’re a company you can trust. Unlike PureProfile though, there is no fixed rate, instead the companies providing the surveys for Swagbucks to give to us set the rate. This means you must be selective in order to get a payout that’s worth your while.

Final Thoughts

PureProfile is the perfect platform for anybody who wants to earn money doing surveys in their spare time. The high pay out rates are very appealing, but the user experience is what will keep you earning instead of getting annoyed and never coming back to it.

I still to this day use PureProfile and haven’t come across another survey company that I’ve liked as much as this. If you want the same as me, you should create both an Octopus Group account and a PureProfile account. Octopus Group provide a limited amount of surveys, but will pay you at a fixed rate of $17 an hour! Once you’ve finished surveys there, jump on over to PureProfile and start earning.

You can read my full review of Octopus Group here.

I couldn’t recommend their site highly enough and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the app is on par with the website. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to PureProfile today to discover your true earning potential.


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