PrizeRebel Review 2020 – Make $1,000+ A Month Doing Surveys

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PrizeRebel Signup Page
PrizeRebel Signup Page

If you want to be making money online from anywhere in the world this could be the one for you. PrizeRebel is an all in one money making website, providing not only surveys, but plenty of different ways for you to be getting paid cash into your account fast. But does this site live up to the hype? Lets find out.

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What is PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a site that claims to pay you for spending your time doing things for them. The main way to earn here is through surveys, however over the years more and more ways to earn have been added. This site doesn’t actually provide the surveys, rather act as a middle man between you and the companies who work with businesses to create surveys.

While it may at first look like this sites a bit of a mess, it is actually an extremely easy to use site. You get far more choice here over other survey sites; being able to actually view which company is providing what surveys takes out the guesswork and after a while you will start to see which companies are the best to use.

The site is available worldwide, however surveys will be area specific. If you live in countries like U.S.A, U.K., Australia, Canada or New Zealand, you’re in luck, these are the countries with the highest amount of offers. Living elsewhere though will not stop you from earning by any means, in fact I would be extremely surprised if you ran out of surveys anywhere in the world.

How to Earn with Surveys

PrizeRebel Surveys
Survey Page

Once you’re ready to start earning, head to the earn tab and click on surveys. From here, you will be able to see 10 surveys that they have selected for you. These will vary in length between 5 and 25 minutes, but on average will be around 15 minutes long. The payout will also vary anywhere between 50 points ($0.50 USD) and 200 points ($2 USD) and usually isn’t linked to the length of the survey.

However, if you want to venture outside of what they’ve chosen for you, you can go further than those surveys and find them from each company individually. Your options are Gold Surveys, OpinionWorld, Toluna, Peanut Labs and Cint; clicking on these won’t immediately take you out of PrizeRebel, but you will likely be redirected to complete the survey. I’ve personally found that Gold Surveys consistently pays out the highest of the bunch, however with Toluna you can occasionally get much higher paying surveys than the others, but you have keep a look out for them because they don’t come about too often. 

Other Ways to Earn on PrizeRebel

Offer Wall

Another good way to earn a high amount of points for minimal work is through the offer wall tab. From here, you can be rewarded for completing offers as simple as entering competitions or installing an app, and pretty highly too.

You can choose between different companies here too, all of which will have a wide range of offers including rewards for shopping, entering competitions, installing an app, playing a game or signing up to a streaming service just to name a few. Because these companies often get quite a high percentage of the cut for you doing these things, the rewards are pretty high. Currently, I can enter a competition which only requires my name, email and phone number to win a $500 PayPal gift card and I’ll get 60 points for it. At the other end of the scale, I could buy Norton security and get 833 points.

Daily challenge

The daily challenge is a fairly straight forward concept. Each day, you will be given a new goal to reach in order to receive a small bonus. I didn’t complete the goal yesterday, so today I’m on level 1; my challenge for today is to earn 152 points from any means necessary, to receive a bonus 6 points. This starts out pretty low, but as you build a streak the rewards slowly increase.

As an added incentive to complete tasks, there is also a 7 day challenge. All you have to do is complete the challenges each day for 7 days to receive a bonus, mine is 42 points. As soon as you miss a day, this resets back to zero for you to start again.

Watch videos

This has to be the easiest way to earn on the web. As we’ve seen before with Swagbucks, some companies will pay you money just to watch videos. You won’t earn much from here at all, but if you really don’t feel like a survey then why not.

The ads are provided by and reward you for watching 3 short videos and ads in between, with 0.55 of a point. There is no limit to how many of these you can watch and you could even have a few of them going at once.

Referring friends

The referral program for this site could be making you a lot of money. As soon as the person you refer signs up, you will receive up to a whopping 30% of their lifetime earnings. To earn 30% of their earnings you have to be a diamond level member, which means you’ve earnt more than 16,000 lifetime points. What will likely apply to you, is 15% of your referrals earnings if you’ve earnt under 1000 lifetime points, 20% for between 1000 and 4,500, or 25% between 4,500 and 16,000. Regardless of the percentage, you could making quite a bit of cash here.

Daily Raffle

This is a pretty simple lottery system where you can purchase as many tickets as you like for 10 points each to win a gift card that will be worth either $2 or $10. You will always have 2 options, for example right now I can win a $2 Amazon card or a $10 Burger King card. You are shown how many people have entered and how long is left still, so you can figure out pretty easily that your chances of winning aren’t worth buying that ticket. But hey, it’s a bit of fun right?

Free contests

There are 4 different contests available that you will automatically enter every 2 weeks with the potential to earn a lot of points. All contests will have a top prize, then each position after them will receive 50 points less than the position above them (up to 10th place). These contests are:

  • Offerwall contest- Top prize of 600 points: the user with the highest earnings from completing offers for the 2 week period.
  • U.S. only surveys contest- Top prize of 750 points: the user with the highest survey earnings from the U.S. for the 2 week period.
  • International surveys contest- Top prize of 750 points: the user with the highest survey earnings from outside the U.S. for the 2 week period.
  • Referral contest- Top prize of 600 points: the user with the highest earnings from referrals who have signed up in that specific 2 week period.

Lucky Numbers

The lucky numbers weekly lottery is exactly like a real lottery. You pick 4 of your lucky numbers out of 17 available, then when the numbers are drawn, if you get all 4 right, you win the jackpot, which is currently at 7,000. Getting 3 numbers will score you 150 points and 2 right, 35 points. The kicker here is, it will cost you 20 points a ticket, with the maximum being 50 tickets purchased.

PrizeRebel Promo Codes

Occasionally, you can find promo codes on the PrizeRebel Facbook and Twitter page. These codes will typically last for about a day and will be of varying amounts usually under 20 points. It won’t make you much, but it’s a pretty low effort way of racking up your points.

How much will I make with Prize Rebel

This is the golden question with any survey site and the answer? That’s entirely up to you. As with any survey site, PrizeRebel won’t make you rich, but it can make you a neat amount on the side.

I would say that on average, you could earn up to $10 an hour with this site if you’re looking out for the right surveys and offers. Utilising all the opportunities to earn would certainly help get them faster and also save you from the boredom of endless surveys.

The fortnightly contests are a good way of seeing how you’re going against everyone else and proof that you can make heaps of money here without doing anything too crazy. The highest amount of points I’ve seen someone earn in the fortnight was 22,000. So if we assume they kept that pace for the month, they earnt (with the help of the level system), around $500 USD.

You can also earn heaps off the referral system. The top of the leaderboard currently sits at 12,000 points earnt from referrals ($120 USD). Sure, its not a massive amount, but consider this; that comp is purely measuring people that he has signed up in the last 2 weeks. He would only be earning 30% of their total earnings. Now consider that in the last 2 weeks he hasn’t made $120, but a lot, lot more. Take into account all the other people he has signed up before this 2 week period and all of the sudden he is making a lot of money, likely a few thousand a month just from people clicking his link. And what does he have to do now? Absolutely nothing.

How does the level system work?

The level system rewards users for using the site more than most. All members start at bronze level when they have 0 points as their earnings, then progress all the way through to Diamond. This is an excellent way of keeping people interested and rewarding those who persevere past the boredom. As you level up, you will get little perks such as a higher bonus from your referrals, automatic prize processing, a bonus on your points earned and a discount off any prizes you claim.

PrizeRebel level system

What is the quality score?

The quality score is a number out of 100, that measures how well you answer surveys. This is very important to them, as it picks up on fraudulent activity such as speeding too quick through surveys, answering in a pattern, or not providing enough details in your answers, all of which point to not filling out the surveys correctly.

While this may seem uninteresting to you and I, you have to be very careful of this dropping, if your score gets too low, you will no longer be able to complete surveys.

Cash out

The cash out process is very good from this site. With a minimum of $5, you can redeem your points for gift cards, online games, or everyone’s favorite, PayPal. The gift cards available to you will vary based on location, but are for pretty major retailers wherever you are, like Amazon, Windows, Visa and many more.

PrizeRebel Rewards

The rewards are delivered to you a lot faster than other sites, with most transactions being completed within a day. One annoying thing though, is you have to at least be a silver level member to claim PayPal. Don’t fear though, silver is only 1000 lifetime points, so you can be cashing out $10 PayPal transfer within a few days.

Final Thoughts

I actually quite like PrizeRebel and all its features. While initially it felt like a mess of a site, the more you explore it, the more it grows on you. Normally in this section I warn people that survey sites won’t make you rich, but honestly, looking at the leaderboards, I can’t even say that for this site. People are making a lot of money off surveys and referrals here and really, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. Come check it out and join today.

Start earning with PrizeRebel today here!


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