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Octopus Group is an Australian survey company who don’t just give you quality surveys, but a lot of money for doing them too. This site and app is as basic as it comes, yet the payout rate rivals that of real work. How is this possible? Is it even legit? Lets find out.

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What is Octopus Group

Octopus Group Surveys is Australia’s premier survey company. Although the name certainly doesn’t give away much, they wanted to create a company that is different to the rest of the field. To achieve this, they’ve listened to what Aussie’s really want from their surveys: quick, easy, spam free and above all well paying surveys.

After registering your account, you will first notice how basic the design is of both the website and the app. This is part of the whole no smoke and mirrors approach. In order to really focus on their product, Octopus has ditched the idea that many other survey companies eventually shift towards, being that they only provide surveys and nothing else, unlike companies such as Swagbucks or Toluna.

The company aims to give us a genuine experience. After trying many survey websites and apps, I can without a doubt say that you really do get a sense that they don’t care about you. Low payout rates and surveys that aren’t checked to work properly or have misquoted the amount of time it will take, there’s dozens of annoying little things the big companies always do that leave you with no money and maximum frustration. Because Octopus have stayed fairly small though, focusing solely on surveys for Australians, a far better experience is standard here.

Is Octopus Group legit?

Yes, this site will most definitely pay you out for your time. On top of this, they will rarely screen you out of surveys. While screening out cannot ever be fully avoided, I found that it happens a lot less here than on other sites.

With many reviews around the web, there aren’t too many commonly recurring complaints. Normally with companies like Octopus, we would see issues forming around account deletion, not paying out, disappearing balances, no surveys and many more. Although there was an initial hiccup at launch where users were waiting multiple days between surveys, this is no longer the case at all. As with all minor issues they’ve had along the way, they’ve been quick to jump on a solution.

One issue that has stuck around though, is people being screened out too often for their liking. This is due to 2 things: firstly, there is a fairly in depth questionnaire to complete before you begin any surveys, this is to ensure what you get offered to complete will be relevant to you and your info will be useful to the company paying for it, so filling it out wrong could lead to problems. The second reason is they can detect if you are ‘straight lining’, meaning all your answers are ticking the same box. Fraudulent activity is surprisingly easy to catch on survey apps, so try and steer clear of it.

As for the cash out process, I have personally found this to be fully legitimate, as well as reading other peoples experiences that were the same. On top of this, if you choose to cash out via bank transfer, they state that they will not keep your banking details for any longer than is necessary.

How to Make Money with Octopus Group

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t an awful lot of earning opportunities within the site. What there is though, is high paying.

  • Surveys
Octopus Group Surveys
Homepage for surveys

The main focus of Octopus Group is of course surveys. But so is many companies. So what sets them apart. The payout rate is anywhere between 80% and 400% higher than their competition. The amount is calculated at an hourly rate, which currently is $16.40 AUD per hour. Of all the online survey sites I’ve seen or reviewed, this is by far the highest I’ve ever come across.

The surveys themselves are currently for Australian residents only and can be based off your age, location, lifestyle, or anything else that you answered in the initial questionnaire. They usually range anywhere between 4 and 30 minutes, however the most common I have found is 15 minutes. This is normally a fairly accurate estimate, and you will never get redirected to a different, longer survey. The surveys are normally of a fairly high quality that you won’t get too bored of and will also make a direct difference to the Australian market.

So how much will you make from Octopus Group? This is where people have their biggest gripe. The surveys aren’t constant like what we see with Swagbucks or Toluna. In fact I will usually get 1 or 2 survey opportunities a day, however there has been days where I’ve gotten up to 4, totaling up to just under an hour worth of answering. Some people find this to be not enough, but you can work around this by simply creating another account on a different website like PureProfile and use both if this bothers you. On average, I would estimate you could earn up to $40 a week using Octopus if you are to check it more than once daily. That’s $2000 a year for only 2 and a half hours of work a week.

  • App

The app is basically just a simplified version of the website. Available for both iPhone and Android, you can complete most of the surveys they offer, however some, maybe around 10% will only be able to be completed on a computer. Despite this though, the app is a very handy way of accessing everything you need while on the go. You are also able to refer friends and answer polls, which I’ll talk about in a moment. When completing a survey in the app, you will be redirected to your browser, then upon completion back to the app where you will be credited instantly.

  • Referrals

Normally referrals will make up a tiny amount of your earnings. Toluna offers you a maximum of $1.50 AUD for referring a maximum of 5 friends a month. That’s not worth my time or yours. Octopus have changed the game with their approach though. Instead of just rewarding you for getting a friend to sign up, you will continue to be rewarded as they progress through surveys.

The current referral deal is for each friend you refer, you will receive $1 for them registering, then an extra $1 for every one of the first 19 surveys they complete. So for each friend you refer, you could earn anywhere up to $20. In all honesty, even just earning $1 for them joining is more than what you would get from most companies. So when you refer a friend, try and make sure they stick with it, not just create an account. To put how much you can make from this into perspective, their website has a top referrers leaderboard, with one woman referring 4580 people, who could make as much as $91,600 from them. That is a ridiculous amount of money you can make by purely telling your friends and family, or talking about it in forums and posts.

You can use my link here to get started today.  

  • Polls

Poll questions won’t make you any set amount of money per answer, but you will go in the draw to win 1 of 5 $5 monthly prizes for each poll you complete. There may even be more than 5 of these given away depending on the volume of poll questions for that given month. Poll questions are usually submitted both the community or businesses, to learn more about Octopus users as a whole.

There is in fact another way to earn from polls though. Occasionally, you could be selected for a ‘special project’ depending on how you answer a poll question. These are rare, but will pay higher and will likely be a longer, more in depth survey and feedback about a particular product.

Cash out

Octopus offers you 2 different cash out options. The first is everyones favourite, a bank transfer straight to your account. This has a minimum amount of $20 and after $20, you can cash out any amount in $5 increments. You may be waiting up to 30 days to receive your cash, but most happen in less than half that time. It’s also worth noting that Octopus will cop the transfer fees for you. If you do choose bank transfer, they assure you that your details will never be handled by their staff and will be deleted once the transaction is complete.

The other cash out option is another solid favourite, big brand e-gift cards. As an added bonus, they will pass on their bulk purchase discount of 5%. So now the minimum cash out amount is $19 for a $20 gift card. All gift cards can be bought in $20 increments up to $100 and are for all the stores you will ever need, such as:

  • Supermarkets – Coles and Woolworths
  • Retailers – Myer, David Jones, Kmart, Target, Harvey Norman, Freedom Furniture and Rebel Sport
  • Online – iTunes, Google Play, eBay, Catch.com.au, Xbox live, Uber
  • Other – Caltex, Webjet

The gift cards have a 3 year expiration and unlike the bank transfer, you will be able to use them almost immediately after clicking through the process.

There is also an option to donate your earnings to charity through the gift card tab. This works exactly the same as purchasing a gift card and the current choices are either The Orangutan Project and The Australian Bushfire Appeal.

Are there better survey sites?

Of all the surveys sites I’ve come across for both my own personal use and to give you guys updates, I can honestly say I’ve never found anything better than this. I love Octopus Group for one simple reason. The payout. In my mind, as long as the payout is worth your time, then you can start to look around for other flaws until you don’t like a certain site. But here, you won’t find many other flaws, the site is so simple that nothing can go wrong.

The only issue I have with this site, is the quantity of surveys you get given. Look, if they gave you 20 to 30 surveys a day like Swagbucks, you could basically print your own money. Unfortunately this is unrealistic, in order to provide the payout rate they do, they must carefully choose the correct surveys for us to complete, that are both of the right level of quality and right payout rate.

So how do we fix this issue? As mentioned above, create another account on a different site. I personally suggest PureProfile, as they seem to also offer a fairly high rate (not nearly as high, but better than most). They also don’t offer heaps of survey opportunities, but you will likely see 3-4 surveys of 5-20 minute lengths a day. My best advice is to check Octopus first and complete all you can, then jump on over to PureProfile, which you can join here, so you’re never not earning.

Final thoughts

This site is enough to make you fall in love with filling out surveys. Lets be real, surveys can be mundane and boring a lot of the time, so you really need incentive to keep going. Well, Octopus has given us all the incentive we need, a lot of cash. The sites simplicity and the companies transparent and honest approach give you a real sense of confidence in your data not being abused or sold off to the wrong people, all the while giving you a sense of changing the Australian market around you with your answering.

I can’t recommend this site and app highly enough, I think what they’re doing is so much better than their competition it is insane. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just listen to me blab on about it, find out for yourself today!

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