Mistplay Review 2020 – Make Money Playing Games

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

If you, like me, have been bombarded with ads that start with a girl spinning in her chair talking about how great and easy Mistplay is, then by now you’re probably wondering if there’s any truth behind what they claim. Well I can safely say that this is one of the rare occasions that an ad isn’t lying about its claims. In the category of apps that reward you for completing tasks, Mistplay is probably the best I’ve come across so far, find out why below.

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How mistplay works

The app works by giving you suggestions of games they think you will like based of a few questions, and reward you for downloading and playing the games. After installing the game you’ve chosen, Mistplay asks you to launch it through the Mistplay app, which will then track your progress and reward you each time you level up (not launching through Mistplay will result in no rewards for that session). It’s as simple as that.

Mistplay App
Mistplay App

The app displays which app will give you with the most Mistplay tokens, in my case Yahtzee, however there are many other options that will reward you a lower amount, particularly a lot of slots games. Then each time you level up in your chosen app, in this case Yahtzee, you will earn an increasing amount. For going to level 2, which is almost always just completing a tutorial regardless of the game, I received 20 tokens, then for level 3 I received 40 tokens, as well as getting an achievement set by Mistplay in that time, giving me another 5 tokens.

But the thing about this is, I’m playing good quality games while earning these tokens. Where as other similar apps will give you games to play that are poorly designed or just plain boring, Mistplay actually gives you a good selection of different games, that are well established and built.

Apart from this you can earn 100 tokens through referring friends (use mine to get 50 tokens on signup: https://mistplay.co/lmWRlqPbn2), or by playing at least 5 minutes a day for 7 days in a row, to earn yourself 14 tokens

Is Mistplay a Scam?

So far this all sounds a little too good to be true right? I certainly approached this app cautiously and did my research before downloading, because who knows where your information could end up if you download a dodgy app. But after looking into it, then finding out for myself, there really is no catch. The apps design is simple, yet well-constructed and runs seamlessly, which instantly gives the right impression about its validity.

The bottom line is Mistplay is legit, it may be hard to believe that you can get paid for playing games but that’s the reality of this app. With nearly 70,000 reviews averaging 4.3 stars, it is safe to say this app will truly work without doing anything dodgy to your device.

So why 4.5 stars? Well I wouldn’t be able to skim over some of the problems people are facing because unfortunately, they’re pretty major. There seems to be 3 major problems that are still occurring within Mistplay:

  • People are getting locked out of their accounts for trying to use multiple devices (even at different times), or for no good reason at all. Some have reported that Mistplay is locking their accounts due to ‘fraudulent activity’ after they have earnt points too quickly for the algorithms liking.
  • The app isn’t tracking the progress of the games being played properly or at all.
  • The gift cards have either arrived unusable or the wrong gift card entirely (for example $25 PlayStation gift card, after requesting Amazon).

However it is worth noting that these complaints make up a very minor portion of the people using this, and for most complaints there is every chance it is entirely out of Mistplay’s hands

How does Mistplay make money?

An app simply wouldn’t be created like this if there wasn’t something in it for the developers. Mistplay make money through being approached by apps such as Yahtzee, who wish to offer their game to the Mistplay users, paying both us as the user, and Mistplay as the developer.

There are usually 2 reasons why developers are happy to pay for you to use their app:

  • The need to test the app and need your data to analyze how to app runs and where it falls short. In this case it is likely you will be prompted at some point to give your feedback on your game experience which will directly effect the future of the app.
  • They believe they can make more money off you using the app and viewing ads within the app, than what they are paying, meaning everyone profits.

At the end of the day, whatever the reason may be, these types of things are extremely calculated to ensure that nobody loses money.

How much money will I make

This obviously will be influenced by how much time you’re willing to spend completing offers, however there is another thing that is very crucial to look out for. As you will be shown in the tutorial, each offer will have some little blue diamonds in the bottom right corner indicating the amount of units and PXP you are able to earn. This is essentially a multiplier of the base rate Mistplay would pay out, with the maximum being 4.

The reason I keep referring back to Yahtzee, is because for me that was the only offer with a 4 multiplier. Getting those tokens is honestly quite easy, I kept forgetting I was doing anything other than just playing a game. The tokens you earn are actually a pretty good reward level too, especially considering they increase each time you level up from the previous amount. The lowest tier reward is a $5 USD Visa card (at least for me in Australia, offers vary based on location however I presume the minimum amount would be the same) valued at 1,800 tokens. To achieve this I would suggest potentially a weeks’ worth of casual game play could achieve this, or as quickly as a few days if you’re running multiple apps and playing quite a bit.

While it’s very difficult to put a dollar amount to it, Mistplay will certainly pay out higher than most other apps offering the same thing. You will see actual results from this app, so don’t think it’s a waste of time.

Cashing out

Cashing out is a fairly simple process. Once you have enough tokens for the reward you’re after, find your way to the shop page where you will find a range of different options. What I am (happily) surprised by here is how the offers are all big companies that anyone can use.

Mistplay Rewards

The process of redeeming these rewards will take less than 48 hours from when you redeem, which seems to be consistent from many accounts. If any issues are encountered (through redemption or just from general use of the app) there is an extensive FAQ’s page and a customer support team to resolve any issues.

Why I like Mistplay over its competitors

Really this comes down to a few things:

  • The payout system and rate is very rewarding. While its tough to pinpoint an actual amount that the app pays out with what you’re completing, it is clear to see that it will actually earn you real money.
  • You get rewarded for leveling up, not completing a task. Most other apps that offer similar to this will say something like, “install this game and reach level 100 within 30 days to receive…”. Mistplay’s rewards upon leveling up is considerably fairer to everyone involved and it feels so much more satisfying as a user.
  • The apps offered are actually fun. When I tried Storm Play (Link), the absolute killer was all the apps being offered for rewards were poorly made and simply not fun.


As with any app that involves handing out money, there are some tight rules regarding who and how can use the app:

  • You must be over 18 to join
  • Accounts get deleted after being inactive for 180 days
  • Using a VPN to spoof your location (in order to get better offers), is strictly forbidden and when caught will result in a ban

You might read those and think, oh well I won’t get caught, normally I’d agree with you on that but Mistplay’s security is actually pretty strict, so I certainly wouldn’t try your luck as you’ll end up with no account and lose your progress.

Final Thoughts

While Mistplay isn’t going to get you rich, I personally love the app and the potential to earn a decent amount of money in a short amount of time. Compared to its competitors, it would have to be one of the most enjoyable earning experiences I’ve come across, yet doesn’t detract from your rewards to provide you that experience. This has been one of my favorite apps to date and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

You can join Mistplay today here!


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