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6 Free Apps That Will Earn You Cryptocurrency From Your Phone In 2020

Earning cryptocurrency on your phone seems like it shouldn’t be a thing. Like seriously, how could someone possibly benefit from giving you free cryptocurrency? As it turns out, quite easily. These 6 apps can be used by absolutely anyone and while they won’t make you rich, jumping on board while they’re still young could one day have you sitting on a gold mine. Lets get into it.

A word of warning: do not trust any apps that you’ve not looked up reviews for first. If there’s negative reviews or none at all, don’t download it. Unfortunately, this concept has been hijacked by people who are looking to make easy money either through scamming you, or through ad revenue and never delivering on their promises.


Sweatcoin - Earn Money Walking

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to simply walk around as you normally would. The app encourages people to get fit by giving you 1 SWC for each 1,000 steps you take, which you can later redeem for real offers in the store. These offers range anywhere from discounts on select online stores, to $1,000 cash.

Most importantly though, it seems Sweatcoin is close to becoming a fully tradable cryptocurrency. The development team have hinted at this ever since the launch and now seem to be finally taking the necessary measures to put value behind your balance. As the $1,000 cash costs 20,000 SWC, it’s very likely the amount you’ll make per SWC will be lower than $0.05, but I mean, all you’re doing is walking, so it’s hard to be negative about that.

I like this app because it’s truly an idle earner, download it and use your phone as normal and one day you could have a nice little payday for your efforts.

You can download Sweatcoin here.

Pi Network

Pi Network Mining

Pi Network is the true definition of a mobile cryptocurrency earner. Developed by Stanford graduates, all you have to do with this app is activate mining once a day, and voila, you’re earning crypto. Phones are actually pretty much incapable of mining any type of cryptocurrency effectively enough to make any money at all, however with cloud mining, anything is possible.

How it works, is you simply tap a button to activate earning, then come back in 24 hours and do it again. Pretty simple stuff right? Like Sweatcoin, Pi is also not quite at the trading phase yet, however unlike Sweatcoin, cryptocurrency is the only focus of the app, so it will certainly be coming soon.

Although you can’t make real money with it right now, I’d suggest getting on board with it ASAP. As more members join, the rate at which you can earn Pi coins decreases, so the more you earn now, the more you’ll make later.

You can download Pi Network here.



Mistplay is an app that rewards you for playing games. Once you’re signed up to the app, you’re able to choose what types of games you usually play, then you’ll see similar games to the categories you’ve selected that you can earn ‘units’ on.

Unlike usual app reward systems where you have to reach a certain level to be rewarded, you earn units based on the amount of time and the achievements you reach during a certain game, so even if you only play it for 10 minutes and hate it, you’ll still get rewarded. You can also earn quite a big amount of units from unlocking achievements from each of the games.

I like Mistplay over other play to earn apps for 2 reasons. Firstly, the payout is real, in that it fairly compensates you for your time, unlike some that pay out a tiny amount for hours of usage. Secondly, the games you get to choose from are actually games you would normally play. They change depending on your location and rotate from time to time, but some I’ve come had offered include Yahtzee and Dragonvale.

You can download Mistplay here.



Electroneum is another cloud earning app, just like Pi, where all you have to do is tap a button and start earning. The difference between them though, is Electroneum is already tradable. You can be earning money right now purely by clicking a button and letting your phone earn for you in the background.

After activating mining, you’ll have 7 days before it runs out, however you can extend the time after 24 hours to be back to the full 7 days. The payout system is a little different to Pi in the way it pays out, instead of getting a fixed amount, you instead mine at a rate that will be roughly equal to $3 a month. Obviously that’s a bit of a disappointing amount, but crypto’s like this that are still growing will only get more expensive, meaning your balance could end up being a lot more than $3 a month’s worth.

You can download Electroneum here.



StormPlay is another app that rewards users for playing games. With this app though, instead of paying out in only their own crypto, you can choose to redeem for Bitcoin or Ethereum (as well as Storm). The app is a little more primitive compared to Mistplay, but the concept is essentially the same, you download apps their offering you, then once you reach a certain level or achievement, you’ll be credited with ‘bolts’ in the StormPlay app.

The apps offered here are more like what you would expect from a money-making app. There’s a lot more apps focused around long term strategy games, mmorpg and siege type games. You can also earn a smaller amount by completing surveys and watching videos, or quite a large amount by doing paid offers.

You can download StormPlay here.



Phoneum is another cloud mining app that’s been around forever. Unfortunately, the once great app simply doesn’t cut it when compared to the others mentioned. The payout rate is too low at the moment for it to be worth your time, it’ll generally be less than $3 a year. In saying that though, the app pays you out at a fixed rate, so this depends on the price of PHM.

One glimmer of hope this app has at returning to glory, is the development team are releasing other supporting apps that try and get users to play simple games to earn crypto. While these apps are also useless as earners, they will hopefully create more of an awareness of PHM, thus raising the price and making cloud mining less pointless.

You can download Phoneum here.

Final Thoughts

While these apps won’t make you rich, there’s really no harm in having them, particularly Sweatcoin and Pi Network. Be careful though, straying away from apps listed here could lead to scamming and viruses.

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