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AttaPoll Review 2020 – Survey App to Make Cash

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If you want to make money at any time from anywhere, AttaPoll is the app for you. AttaPoll is a simple survey app available worldwide that pays you for completing surveys in an incredibly easy manner. After trying and talking about many different survey apps this has got to be one of my favourites. Find out below how you can join in the fun and make money too.

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What Is AttaPoll?

AttaPoll is a survey app that allows anyone from almost anywhere in the world to make money. Available to both IOS and Android devices, the app connects you with surveys from other companies such as Survey Monkey that are suited to you. A process of filling out short questionnaires when you first start the app ensures that you should only be given surveys that you will be able to participate in, cutting out the issue we see with some others such as Curious Cat of not being able to find a survey.

The app was initially created for U.K. use only, however has since branched out to be available in more than 90 countries. It is also one of the only survey apps that kids can use, the minimum age requirement is just 13. 

Attapoll Surveys

The app itself is extremely simple, they show you how much time a survey will take, and how many credits you’ll get paid for it. Sure, that doesn’t sound that special right? Well it shouldn’t be, but many other survey apps or sites will often not show a time, or the survey will change once you’ve been redirected and be twice as long for the same payout. All the surveys are conducted in the app, not your browser, saving you from having a million tabs open.

Is AttaPoll a Scam?

I actually really like this app and the quality of surveys it gives, so I’ve been able to use it for a few weeks now and can report I’ve had no issues at all. No credits magically disappearing, no money not being transferred, nothing. With a few years of consistently good performance under their belt,  I do not believe AttaPoll is a scam.

However there will always be some who have had a bad experience. With a 4.0 star rating on the Google Play Store, many people are reporting a similar issue, after a few weeks of use they will start getting disqualified from surveys, or credits not added to their accounts.

This may seem like a bit of a worry, but AttaPoll themselves aren’t making the surveys, so these issues are likely due to the survey companies making them, which you will find with any of these apps.

How Much Will I Make?

This app is actually one of the higher earners I’ve come across. While it won’t make you rich (sorry to break it to you), it will certainly make you more than a lot of its competitors. 

The in app currency is simply called credits, 1 credit = £0.01. All values worldwide are simply a conversion of that amount into your local currency, for example in the U.S. 77 credits will get you a dollar.

Each survey will obviously pay you a different amount depending on the provider, length and difficulty. Most surveys are around 10-20 minutes long and the higher paying ones will pay you out around 80 credits for your time.

This means you could earn around $5-7 USD an hour. That may not sound too high but an hour a day for a month will make you $150 minimum. You can also change how often you want to receive surveys (mine is set to as many as possible) and also the maximum length (any time). The surveys aren’t boring either, so you won’t get sick of doing it.

You can also earn an extra 50 credits per person you refer (or you could use mine! ), there’s no limit on how many people you can earn off, so if you’re really serious about earning this way, start commenting online on blog posts, forums and questions to get your code out there!

Cashout Options

One of the best features of AttaPoll is the range of cashout options. Instead of messing you around with gift cards, AttaPoll’s first option is PayPal. For this you will need a minimum of 300 credits, but really, that could be accomplished in less than an hours work. The cash normally comes through in under 2 days, with very little exceptions. You could also donate some to charity, which also works through PayPal.

Attapoll cashout

Another very useful cashout option is either Bitcoin or Ethereum transfer. This will obviously require you to have a cryptocurrency wallet set up already. If you’re like myself and have no idea which wallet is best for you, check out the list I made of the best cryptocurrency wallets.

Why I Like Attapoll

When you see AttaPoll’s app design, you instantly think its rubbish with how basic and unprofessional it looks. But honestly, that’s why I love it. It’s the bare bones of what it needs to be. Your 90 year old grandma wouldn’t have a problem navigating this app. Everything you need in a survey app you can find here:

  • Payout rates are high
  • PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum cash out options 
  • Cash out is quick
  • Surveys are high quality and rarely kick you out
  • Surveys are kept in app, you won’t get redirected to your web browser

Final Thoughts

AttaPoll is a great app for anyone that’s just finding their way into the survey market. The simple design makes your experience as painless as it can possibly be, all the while paying you out at a reasonably high rate.

AttaPoll is one of a handful of apps that I regularly check daily for high paying offers. If you’re looking to get paid for taking surveys in your spare time, AttaPoll is a great option that I would strongly consider.

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