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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing – Our Guide

Earning an income through the internet can come in various forms. Creatives sell their products online. Programmers or engineers can offer freelance services. Those who have a knack for convincing people to purchase things might find success in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an approach to marketing where you earn a commission through partnerships with brands or businesses. When you are a partner, you convince customers to purchase a product or service through your affiliate link. The link will lead them to your partner’s website, where they can complete the purchase. 

Here are a few things to help you set your program up for success:

1. Identify what type of business to partner with

The first thing to figure out is what industry you wish to focus on, or the niche. Nearly all types of businesses are represented online, so you must choose one or two niches to direct your efforts. Switching genres can be confusing for your audience, especially when you’re promoting items that are not apparently related to your brand or business.

For example, if you have a marketing and SEO website, you shouldn’t promote health and wellness. These are things your audience can readily associate with your brand personality, and it builds both your and your partner’s integrity.

This is not to say that you cannot promote other things, like audiobook websites or subscription boxes. However, you must be consistent and purposeful. Your audience is also spending mental bandwidth on your affiliate advertisements, so you should make reading, watching, or listening to you worth their while.

2. Seek out partners in your niche

After deciding on your niche, it is time to find partners to promote. If you are a big enough name online, brands will come to you for affiliate marketing deals. For people who are just starting out, it is best to reach out to possible partners and show them how your businesses can help each other grow. Identify sellers on Amazon, as the site has millions of products sorted into neat categories, which makes the search easier on your end.

Only choose partners you feel comfortable working with, and who aligns with your brand. This is not just to give yourself a cohesive image; your writing or dialogue will show your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for a product or service. The goal is to get your audience excited about your partner’s product or service, and this is easier if you yourself believe in what they are selling.

3. Optimise your marketing for mobile

Make your website and emails mobile-friendly, as the majority of people on the internet access it through their smartphones. Make a mobile responsive site, and ensure that your UX looks clean and accessible across various devices. 

Furthermore, your emails should look as good as your websites or your videos. Shorten your title, add alt text to images and avoid large-format photos. This will make your emails load faster and provide better value to your subscribers.

4. Keep track of your numbers

When your affiliate program gets bigger, you will have more data on consumer behaviour and what links people regularly click on your site. You will have more basis for continuing or ceasing an affiliate partnership based on the traffic your site is getting. You can also use low numbers as an indicator for which partners need a boost, and you can provide that through a video or a blog post that focuses on their business.


Getting started in affiliate marketing requires you to take stock of your business’s personality, know which brands to partner with, and have a consistent strategy for getting their product or service in front of your audience.

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